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Premium Eyewear in Central Kentucky

At Danville Eye Center, our commitment lies in offering an extensive range of premium eyewear options. Choosing the right eyeglasses is more than just correcting your vision — it’s about making a statement and enhancing your overall appearance. Our curated selection includes the latest trends and timeless classics, ensuring you find the perfect pair that complements your style and meets your vision needs.

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Eyeglasses for All at Danville Eye Center

Our opticians aim to help you select frames that fit comfortably and reflect your personality and lifestyle. From high-fashion designer brands to durable, everyday wear options, we provide eyewear solutions that cater to all preferences and budgets. Each pair of eyeglasses is crafted with precision to offer superior comfort and optimal visual performance, using advanced lens technologies to enhance clarity and protect your eyes.

Discover Our Range of Prescription Lenses

We provide a comprehensive selection of prescription lenses to meet your unique visual needs. Our offerings include bifocals, progressives, high-index lenses, and prescription sunglasses, each tailored for optimal performance and comfort. Our advanced lens treatments enhance eye health by reducing scratches, minimizing glare, and blocking harmful UV rays. Our anti-reflective lenses allow you to enjoy improved vision clarity and reduced glare in challenging light conditions.

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Trendy Designer Frames

  • Ray-Ban
  • Kate Spade
  • Coach
  • Oakley
  • Michael Kors
  • Prada
  • Tiffany
  • Versace
  • Nike
  • Dolce And Gabbana
  • Dior

Quality Sunglasses for Every Style

Our sunglasses provide superior UV protection, shielding your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays and reducing glare for clearer, more comfortable vision. Whether you need prescription sunglasses or non-prescription options, we have a diverse selection of quality frames and lenses to suit your style.

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Designer Eyewear Collection
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Kids' Optical Frames

We understand the importance of finding the perfect optical frames for your child. Our collection of kids' eyeglasses combines durability, comfort, and style to meet the unique needs of young wearers. We offer various designs, from playful and colorful to sleek and sophisticated, ensuring every child can find frames they love.

Sports and Safety Eyewear

Danville Eye Center offers a range of specialty eyewear for sports and safety. Our sports eyewear features impact-resistant lenses and durable frames to protect your eyes during high-intensity activities. Our eyewear meets industry standards for safety, providing robust defense against potential hazards in various environments. Whether you’re an athlete seeking optimal vision on the field or need reliable protection for work or hobbies, we can help.

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