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Did you know that the eye registers 80% of your sensory impressions? We rely heavily on the eyes to see what’s around and make sense of it. As such, routine vision exams are vital to identify and treat the disease before symptoms escalate. At Mount Vernon Eye Center, we strive to provide the best eye care services in Mount Vernon area. We have a team of skilled optometry certified to offer comprehensive eye care services. We handle preventative care, routine checkups, and treatment for injuries and eye. 

Eye Care Services at Mount Vernon Eye Center

Eye Exams

A comprehensive eye exam evaluates a patient's eyes and determines their vision care needs. For safety, one should go for bi-yearly or yearly evaluations. These evaluations give a patient their medical history review, diagnostics, visual tests and an evaluation of their overall eye health. In case of any problems, a doctor should recommend further testing and treatment options. 

Eyeglasses/ Frames

There is a wide selection of eyeglasses and frames. Choosing one can be challenging for most people. Depending on the need, eye condition and diseases, you require professional advice. Our Optometric professionals will help you select those that fit your budget, personality, lifestyle and vision needs. 

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses address many vision problems such as dry eye. Technological has brought about a wide variety of them. There are fittings for scleral lenses, rigid gas permeable (RGP), colored contacts, soft contact lenses, and prosthetic lenses (e.g. to correct corneal scarring).


Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis (LASIK) helps treat refractive many conditions, including farsightedness (hyperopia), nearsightedness(myopia), and astigmatism. 

At Mount Vernon Eye Center, we provide LASIK pre and post-operative care. We do evaluations to determine if you are a LASIK candidate. After the surgery, we schedule follow up appointments. 


Orthokeratology (Ortho-k) is a technology that corrects refractive conditions. An optometrist prescribes special contact lenses that a patient wears while they sleep. The lenses reshape the cornea and help with light to the retina. In the morning, the patient takes out the lenses and can have a clear vision for the rest of the day. 

Not sure what to do about your eye care problems? Contact our clinic at Mount Vernon Eye Center on 606-256-3937 for an eye exam and comprehensive eye treatment.

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