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Visit us at Danville Eye Center for quality optometry services. If you want to switch from glasses to contacts, or if you are in need of an exam to assess your vision, we are here for you. We treat patients in and around the Mount Vernon area. If you need special considerations at your eye exam for comfort, or if you require a specialized contact lens fitting, do not worry, call us instead as our optometrist is experienced in specialized eye care. 

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What Makes Some Eyes “Hard to Fit” for Contacts?

The term hard to fit does not indicate that you cannot wear contacts at all. It is just a way to describe the fact that you will need an optometrist who knows how to do a special contact lens fitting to make sure you have the optimal comfort and vision. There are certain eye conditions that can make your eyes harder to fit,. These include astigmatism, dry eyes, giant papillary conjunctivitis, keratoconus, post-refractive surgery, and presbyopia.

Having these conditions does not exclude you from enjoying the convenience of contact lenses, you just need to visit an optometrist who has training and experience in this type of fitting, and the correct equipment for specialized measurements. We have exactly that here at Danville Eye Center. Our optometrist can help by using specialized training and precise tools to measure the exact shape of the anatomy of your eye, and by fully understanding the condition of your eye to provide the best contact lenses for your unique situation. 

What Happens at a Contact Lens Exam? 

At your contact lens exam appointment we will first take a detailed history and discuss your goals and eyewear needs. Then we will do an exam to assess your vision. After that, you will need to stay very still while we perform painless, and precise measurements on the exact shape of your eye. Once we have perfectly measured the anatomy of your eye we will have the information needed to provide you with a contact lens prescription that is unique to both your vision needs and eye shape. This will mean greater comfort and convenience for you. 

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