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Frequently Asked Questions about Hard to Fit Contacts

Contact lenses are supposed to provide simple solution for correcting your vision, but that isn't always the case. If you've been told that your eyes might be "hard to fit" for contact lenses, you may be concerned or even confused about this issue. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions on the subject from Danville Eye Center, serving Danville, Liberty, Mount Vernon, and Harrodsburg.

Hard to Fit Contacts

What Does "Hard to Fit" Mean?

"Hard to fit" means that your eyes, underlying health, and/or corrective prescription present more complications than usual. Many people who have a mild, simple prescription with no other eye/health issues can get away with wearing ordinary soft contacts. Others, however, need to look into specialized hard to fit contacts.

What Kinds of Vision Problems Make Eyes Harder to Fit for Contacts?

If you have a particularly severe case of astigmatism, farsightedness, or nearsightedness, you may need more corrective power than soft contacts can provide. The same holds true if you have presbyopia, which requires multiple distance correction segments.

What Other Issues Can Complicate My Contact Lens Selection?

If your eyes are easily irritated by proteins and other particles that gather onto soft contacts, you may need lenses that aren't as prone to this problem. If you have dry eyes, ordinary contacts may not do a good enough job of keeping your eyes hydrated. Severe corneal abnormalities such as keratoconus may call for lenses that won't simply conform to the corneal surfaces.

How Does Your Optometrist Determine What Kind of Contact Lenses I Need?

Either optometrist on our team can administer a contact lens exam. This evaluation includes the necessary measurements of your eye structures as well as a discussion of your vision prescription and any other conditions that complicate your situation.

What Kinds of Hard to Fit Contact Lenses Do You Offer?

We offer hard to fit contact lenses to suit every vision need. Many of these are made of gas permeable materials that hold a consistent curvature, resulting in extra precision and accuracy. Scleral contacts extend over the corneas instead of conforming to them, a great benefit for keratoconus sufferers. They also retain moisture for people with dry eye. We also offer corneal contacts made of special moisture-retaining materials. Toric contacts for astigmatism and multifocal contacts for presbyopia are other kinds of hard to fit contact we offer.

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