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Here at the Danville Eye Center, our optometrists take your vision seriously. Our Danville optometrists, Dr. Kimberly Smith and Dr. Michael Smith, are dedicated to making sure you get the best eye care possible, so that you can enhance and protect your vision. We want to work with you and any lifestyle challenges – from dry eyes through nutrition – that might affect your vision and eye care.

Services Offered at Danville Eye Center

We offer a full range of eye care services, including:

  • Eye exams – Either once or twice a year, our patients receive a thorough medical history review, vision and eye tests, and health evaluation. We are trained to conduct diabetic eye exams, as well as co-manage all ocular conditions.
  • Eye condition management – Our eye doctors are capable of working with you in cataract evaluations as well as diagnosing as well as managing glaucoma, macular degeneration, or any other eye conditions you might be facing. 
  • Retinal specialist – Once a month, we have a retinal specialist in the office to provide care for any of our patients who require more specialized services or even surgical intervention.
  • Eyeglasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses – We offer fittings for all of your vision needs, and selection services from our team of optometry professionals.
  • LASIK – As a great alternative to glasses or contacts, we are able to provide the pre- and post-operative exams for both LASIK as well as other eye procedures.
  • Pediatric eye care – We’re very kid-friendly, and treat patients of all ages! We can diagnose and treat amblyopia (lazy eye) and strabismus (crossed eyes).
  • Emergency management – We book scheduled appointments, but we are also able to accommodate eye emergency appointments.  Not sure if your symptoms warrant a visit? Call us and let us help you decide what your best option is. A simple call might be all you need to take action and prevent a serious eye issue from forming!

Our entire staff is dedicated to making sure you are always both comfortable and well-informed, and we are happy to answer your questions. Between appointments, be sure to check out our blog and regularly updated community content for timely information about seasonal recommendations, new treatment options, and other eye care news.

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