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You Can Soothe the Irritation of Dry Eye

You Can Soothe the Irritation of Dry Eye

Dry eye can affect anyone for a number of reasons. It's a very common condition and can affect your quality of life. However, treating and preventing dry eye is possible depending on what caused it. If you are experiencing itchy, red, and even watery eyes, see an optometrist to discuss ways to soothe the irritation so that your eyes once again feel healthy. Danville Eye Center can help those living in the Danville, Liberty, Mount Vernon, and Harrodsburg Kentucky areas overcome dry eye.

Diverse Causes Leading to a Similar Effect

No matter the cause, the outcome is the same: Something affects the tear film on your eyeball, leading to dryness, itchiness, ineffective watering, redness, blurry vision, and possibly pain or sensitivity to light. What you have to do is figure out why the symptoms are happening and then tackle that reason to soothe the symptoms.

For some, dry eye is a symptom itself of eye strain or computer vision. Too many hours staring into blue-light-infested screens or at tiny print can make your eyes tired and dry out your eyeballs as you might not blink as much as you need to. In that case, treating the eye strain should alleviate the dry eye.

For others, a drop in the amount of tears produced, or a change in the quality of the tear composition, can also lead to dry eye. Your tears aren't just those things that drip out of the corner of your eye when you cry; they spread over your eyeball, protecting it from the environment and lubricating the space between your eyelid and eyeball. If there's a change in the tears themselves, that will make it harder to keep up that lubrication. Treatment can include the use of artificial tears or even blocking a tear duct to reduce drainage.

Dry Eye Is Not Permanent

No matter the cause, you can treat dry eye to at least some extent, if not fully soothe it. Contact one of the locations for Danville Eye Center in Kansas and Missouri at 859-236-8644 for an optometry appointment.

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